autobahn™ Air Ceramic

High Light Transmission Plus High Performance

The high light transmission, low reflectivity, and high heat rejection that you need.

With the addition of autobahn Air Ceramic, you may now have the high light transmission, low reflectivity, and high heat rejection you need in certain circumstances within the industry-best warranty by autobahn.

While being virtually clear when applied on glass, autobahn Air Ceramic 80 nano-ceramic technology eliminates nearly all UV radiation and almost half of the Total Solar Energy!

Who is autobahn™ Air Ceramic made for? These window films are made with the discerning customer in mind. The type of motor enthusiast who understands that by tinting their back windows they are off to a great start, but also understands that 25% of the light and UV rays that enter the vehicle (and 100% of the straight on sun damage) happens through the windshield. With Air Ceramic from autobahn, drivers can get the protection and performance they need without compromising their view from the driver’s seat.

Technical Specifications

Key Performance Indicators

There is one variety of autobahn™ Air Ceramic window film, and the numbers below reflect the incredibly high light transmission characteristics along side its very high UV blocking and very low reflectivity.

Air Ceramic 8078%9%>99%44%